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Press release MINT-EC

Excellence Initiative of MINT-EC at high schools in Bavaria: teaching and learning with digital media

Working group starts on 16 and 17 October in Augsburg

Berlin / Augsburg, October 16th 2018. Today, a working group of Bavarian MINT-EC teachers is taking up work on teaching and learning with digital media. The goal is the accelerated dissemination of existing best practice examples and the further development of teaching concepts and media didactic methods. The project of the national excellence school network MINT-EC is funded by the The Bavarian Employers’ Associations for the metalworking and electrical industries and the vbw – Bavarian Industry Association.

In addition to the actions of the Bavarian state government as part of the investment program “Bavaria Digital II”, an accelerated multiplication of existing concepts in the sense of best practice examples should be made possible within the MINT-EC school network in Bavaria. On the other hand, teaching concepts and media didactic methods should be further developed and made available to the network. Today, a working group of teachers from 13 Bavarian MINT-EC schools at the Jakob-Fugger-Gymnasium in Augsburg is taking up the task. At regular digital forums for teachers, they will present their ideas and concepts and put them up for discussion. This is to ensure a mutual exchange in the network and to motivate other teachers to use digital media in the classroom.

“In order to maintain our competitiveness and prosperity in the future, the acquisition of digital literacy needs to be anchored throughout education. For this it is necessary that teachers can handle digital media competently and confidently. Therefore, modern information and communication media must be integrated as early as possible into the teaching and learning processes of the schools. This is where the ‘MINT Excellence program at secondary schools in Bavaria’ comes in” said vbw general manager Bertram Brossardt in advance.

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