Planning and implementation

This first planning status (December 16th 2016) was also the base for discussion among all involved partners and the school family of the JFG. The high school students exchanged their beloved lounge room near the teacher’s room for two lounges in the immediate vicinity of the classrooms. The IT department of the school administration office gave the go-ahead for the pilot project, and more than 12 companies and institutions helped creating the edu.lab. The room A04 was renovated, the SMART board had to be rebuilt, the chalk board to be turned into a whiteboard, the electrical installation had to be brought to the state of the art and LAN and WLAN has to be installed. Furthermore, the 2in1 tablets and two computers for CAD / CFD and video editing were purchased.

Then it was time to set up. Used folding tables and school desks (partly from the fund of the JFG) were made suitable for computers, an old massive cabinet was renovated by the facility manager and at the same time the modern seating concept was implemented together with the company Topstar. A tablet cart and two 3D printers were cheap auctioned on ebay as customer returns. After intensive research, a manufacturer (Brasil Möbel) of the bank and high bench seating group was found and inspired for the project. The CADENAS GmbH donated two high performance computers (HP Sprout and the VR computer) and a 3D screen. The 19-Zoll Tech company donated the teacher’s workplace. The company Dr. Kaiser provided the administration system for this heterogeneous structure in the edu.lab. Further donations from the Förderverein Jakob-Fugger-Gymnasiums e.V.,  the VDI Bezirksverein Augsburg, the parents’ council, smartsoftlab compay and Bernhard Koch enabled the purchase of other equipment and many small parts, such as adapters, cables, etc.

Many thanks to all the sponsors, supporters and friends of the JFG, because without your commitment the edu.lab at the JFG would not have been feasible!